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Public Institution For Managment Of Protected Natural Of Brod-Posavina County


Brod Ecological Society – BED was founded on May 19th 1989. The largest visible success of BED is the program of protection and improvement of protected pasture Gajna. Based on the opinion of the Institute for the Nature Protection and the decision of the then Municipal Assembly of Slavonski Brod, on the recommendation of the BED September 14th 1990, Gajna was granted the status of protected landscape. In the proclamation BED was put in charge of monitoring and implementation of measures and conditions for nature protection in cooperation with the inspection services. This is a rare occassion where the non-governmental organization in collaboration with local community managed protected area. The cooperation in this field has continued with Public institution for management of protected natural values of Brod-Posavina after its foundation in 2006. since it has formal management rights on Gajna by the Nature Protection Act. Today we have 160 registered members and about 40 activists. BED has been involved in 30 major projects of other organizations related to the Sava river.

Through its activities, projects and publications BED educates and promotes values of landscape conservation, biodiversity protection, environment and nature protection and preservation of traditional and cultural heritage.
We are regularly present at national and international workshops and other forums related to EU legislation, the Natura 2000 areas, the development of civil society and sustainable development, particulary sustainable agricultural practices. Last couple of years we have repeatedly participated as speakers/presenters at such conferences and forums.

BED is the contact point for the international alliance / consortium (Indigenous and Community Conserved Area - ICCA Consortium) related to the governance of common resources and a hub for coordinator for Central, Eastern and Northern Europe. We are active in lobbying and advocacy, transfer of knowledge, standards and best practices for effective networking and lobbying of civil society organizations in order to achieve a positive impact on social change and action for the common good of the Republic of Croatia and the communication of the EU policies.


A) Programs / projects related to environmental protection and nature, and sustainable development

1. Conservation and management of significant landscape Gajna
2. Interpretation of nature protection
3. Biodiversity and indigenous breeds of domestic animals
4. Education activities in the environment and nature protection and sustainable development

B) Lobbying and advocacy in the field of environmental protection and nature

1. Participation in working groups and bodies that influence legislation
2. Directly commenting on the laws and regulations
3. Networking at national and international level

C) The Commons and the mechanisms of direct democracy

1. Community Conservation (ICCA)
2. Coordinations Councils in protected areas and Pasturing Communities

D) Institutional Development

Sustainability, the development of activities that will ensure stable operation of our organizations, strategic positioning, visibility actions